Wing Chun Kuen

Wing Chun is one of the best known Chinese Kung Fu systems in the world. Incorporating defensive and offensive movements with the arms and legs, Wing Chun has stood the test of time for over 300 years. Spawned during the Ching Dynasty the system was practiced secretly among revolutionaries determined to overthrow the ruling Manchus.

The system comprises only three open hand forms, wooden dummy training (Muk yan jong fa), chi sao (sticky hands) and two weapons sets. One weapon set is for long range (dragon pole) and the other for short range (butterfly swords).

Although the system seems short compared with many of the other Chinese kung fu systems, best known through the Shaolin temple monks, Wing Chunís efficiency in real combat is its greatest strength. As a close range fighting art it is incomparable.

Its philosophies are a combination of Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism. Its structure and simplicity make it suitable for all ages and gender. It does not advocate fighting force with force rather using the opponentís strength against them.

The fabled founder, Ng Mui, a Buddhist nun named the system after her only student, a young girl, Yim Wing Chun.

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