Sifu Ian Protheroe

Sifu Ian Protheroe was born in England in 1954 and has been involved in the study of martial arts for most of his life; he is one of the few Caucasians to be recognised by the Chinese community as a true Kung Fu Master. Since immigrating to Australia in 1960 he has become one of the country’s most respected instructors. The son of a British policeman and military family, he started his martial training in archery and fencing at the age of ten, progressing to Western boxing in 1970 and then small arms training as age permitted. By 1977 he was being drawn to the Oriental Arts, exploring a number of Japanese and Chinese disciplines in the ensuing years. In the early 1980’s he was introduced to Wing Chun Kung Fu. An opportunity to train under Master William Cheung changed his views toward combat.

In 1986 he was accepted as a member of the Traditional Wing Chun family and was given the Chinese name of Chung Chi. He uses this given name to differentiate his teaching style, Chung Chi Wing Chun Kuen, from all others.

After gaining instructor status from Cheung’s World Wing Chun Association in Melbourne, Victoria, he moved north to found the Queensland Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy, now regarded as one of the most prestigious Wing Chun schools in the country. To broaden his knowledge of the system, he regularly travelled for another six years to Hong Kong seeking out the most knowledgeable Masters of Wing Chun.

An internationally recognized instructor, Sifu Protheroe has been, since 1991 a permanent member of the Ving Tsun Athletic Association in Kowloon the representative body for Wing Chun worldwide.

He is actively involved in the promotion of Wing Chun having held the following positions: State Chairman for the Federation of Australian Kung Fu Organisations, a position he held for six consecutive years; Kung Fu Advisor to the Australian Martial Arts Association, and State Coaching Director for the Australian Government National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (NCAS Hons.)

In 2002 Sifu Protheroe was inducted into the “Blitz Hall of Fame” as “Kung Fu Instructor of the Year”.

Having trained and taught in Hong Kong, Australia, and New Zealand, Sifu Protheroe currently oversees his own schools throughout the world and teaches Wing Chun openly to all those who wish to improve their lives through the study of Kung Fu.

He is also a respected author having published five major books on the Wing Chun System; Wing Chun Theory and Composition, Wing Chun Technique and Philosophy , Wing Chun Weapons Vol 1&2 and Eternal Springtime Boxing, all best sellers throughout the martial arts world.



A leader is best when people barely know he exists,
Not so good when people obey and acclaim him,
Worse when they despise him.
But of a good leader who talks little,
When his work is done, his aim fulfilled;
They will say,
“We did it ourselves”.

Lao Tzu

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