Private lessons with Sifu Ian Protheroe

Private lessons are held from Monday to Friday 6.45am-5.30pm.

All levels of tuition in the Wing Chun system are available from beginner to advanced/senior practitioner. Lessons are held in Camp Hill, 5 kms from Brisbane’s CBD, however most spots are currently taken. Occasionally a student may have to miss a booked class, in this case 24 hours notice must be given or the full private lesson fee must be paid. Many of my private students have been training for years and hold onto their lesson times, rarely missing a class.

To check availability of an upcoming private position please phone 0437 839 792, or email:

“From tradition comes innovation, from innovation comes style”

A style is not a way to fight but one’s personal development of a taught concept or principle. Style is what differentiates individuals. I have devoted my life to the perfection of my skill in Wing Chun. Over the years I have been fortunate in meeting and training with many Masters, I learn from all of them. As a novice I sought technique, however as I matured in the Art I came to appreciate the philosophical beauty of the system.

Its structural integrity producing great strength, along with the internal power developed through years of practice, provided the stimulus for me to improve and develop.

When I cross hands in chi sao, my opponent’s strengths and weaknesses are before me waiting to be explored. Strength is often hidden by softness; weakness is often hidden by strength. Every practitioner will have both; however it is their skill that is the real enemy.

Many times I have felt superior and acted, only to find that my intention has been “read” by my opponent. The skill in chi sao is in one’s ability to change with the situation. Every contest is a learning experience. The honing of skill is a constant one, as my first Sifu used to say, “Practicing Kung Fu is like paddling against the current, if you stop paddling you never stay where you are, you only move backwards”. His words have remained with me to this day and provide the drive in my pursuit of excellence.

Training either at the Academy or in private classes can be a rewarding experience in both heightened combat skills and, more importantly, personal development. My goal has always to produce the best martial artists, skilful, well rounded fighters and well balanced human beings.

The beauty in simplicity is real. Be it a single brush stroke, a true note or a solitary figure.
The effortless of a technique applied by a Master should be appreciated.
The background of the simplicity should not be ignored.

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